Licking the Wicker

Episode 48  Licking the Wicker - 

Hello vaunted listeners!  Welcome to a new episode.  In this riveting hour, Jon and I consume some wonderful Glenmorangie 18yr and revisit the sublime Four Kicks cigar by Crowned Heads. We are also blessed to hear Jon's wonderful road to rubber nipple glory and Grandpa's garage centerfold collection.  Yeah, it's good to get back on the mic!
Suck it up!
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Turdacco and Snake Oil

Episode 47 Turdacco and Snake Oil

Well, we take a run at some unfamiliar brands on this go 'round.  In keeping with th buy local them, we try Frankenmuth Cigars and Journey Man's Distillery's BuggyWhip Wheat whiskey.  The results are kinda what you imagine.  Either way, we have fun and get some drams down our throat.  Enjoy! 
Don't hit your peter with a pan.
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Naming Boats

Episode 46   Naming Boats

In this miraculous episode, Dan and Jon vary from the norm and try out Buffalo Trace bourbon and enjoy the CLE Plus robusto cigar.  Later, they wax ecstatic about dating, letting go of people who are bringing you down, and finding a non-alcohol related name for Jon's new boat. Any ideas?
Get outta Denver. Baby, go!
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Bringin’ Smoking Jackets Back!

Episode 45 - Bringin' Smoking Jackets Back!

Live from the Red Carpet and our post-Oscar party (not really), Dan and Jon dive headfirst into a wonderful Arturo Fuente OPUS X and then take in the glorious Talisker Dark Storm single malt.  
The guys then decide that they have to bring back the smoking jacket and will not rest until it is the next big thing!  So go out and get your smoking jacket! Plus Fruitcake the tuba player makes an appearance and that is always uncomfortable.
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Shackleton Drinks Ron Burgundy’s Scotch

Episode 44  - Shackleton Drinks Ron Burgundy's Scotch

Dan and Jon take to the Interwebs to partake of a fine Rocky Patel Edge Toro and a not-so-fine Great Odin's Raven Scotch distilled by Ron Burgundy himself (not so much.) Also. the guys review the process Whyte and Mackay went through to recreate the now-famous scotch that was found at Ernest Shackleton's shack in Antarctica.

Damn, it's cold.
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Bold Expressions of Sewer Plums

Episode 43 Bold Expressions of Sewer Plums

In this new episode in the 2.0 C&S universe, Dan and Jon carefully breakdown the sublime delight of the Glen Devron 20yr and the nutty goodness of the Perdomo 10 Anniversary maduro.  On top of all that, we tend to get a little angry at this Polar Vortex craziness that is depressing the hell out of us. Enjoy!

Frozen is an understatement.  And not the movie....
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Looks who’s back!? Wait, what?

Episode LATE!!!!

Dan and Jon stumbled into Ground Zero studios and decided to pick the mic back up. We spend a few minutes to get reacquainted and dedicate ourselves to making new podcasts for 2014.
We are very excited to move forward and get the show on the road.
Join us for a brief touch base, won't you? We will share the Balvenie Triple Cask with you, too.
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From Canada With Love…

Episode 42 - From Canada With Love...

Back again for more abuse, we are joined by whisky bloggers Joanne MacInnis and Graham MacKenney who bring their expertise in whisky and their love for everything seaweed!  We talk E150a coloring, go through the tasting and nosing process, then bust into Balcones and Forty Creek whisky discussions.  These folks know their stuff, so pay attention!

Whisky porn is the best porn. More charred barrels!

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Live!(Not Really) From George’s

Episode #41 - Live(Not Really) From George's

On the road at George's Smoke Shop with Dan, Jon and the fifth Beatle, Rem Mireless. While we defile his establishment, we partake of the Edgar Hoill Viva cigar and try New Holland Brewery's craft malt whiskey, Zeppelin Bend.  During the show, we go into depth about the cigar business, how Ren has to compete with Internet cigar stores, and how he got to smoke a cigar with the President.

Don't smoke the wrong end, people.

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A Couple OF Wallflowers

Episode #40  - Just A Couple Of Wallflowers

In this rebellious episode, Dan and Jon enjoy the Abelour 12yr and choke down a Don Tomas Classico.  Further discussions include the cartoon dog who gets loaded pulling people out of avalanches, the importance of "mooning" people, what it is like to really love your job, and what it takes to be an effective wallflower.

I'll take two cans of scotch, please.

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